Lottery jackpots are yours to win! Play the National Lottery to win the jackpot.

The National Lottery jackpot average prize has a value of 6,977,338 and it has skyrocketed to 22,590,829. What would you do if you won the National Lottery jackpot? A shopping spree for all your family, a new house, new car, travel, champagne everyday? Or how about that extra special something you have wanted all your life. Now, it could be yours. All you need is a ticket to play the next National Lottery draw.

Whether it is small cash prizes or winning the jackpot it is all there for you to win. Since the National Lottery began in 1994 there have been 3083 jackpot winners - that's a lot. You could join them by becoming a multi-millionaire. Even if you only got a small piece of the total lottery jackpot prize pool you could become a millionaire.

If the jackpot is rolled over three times (4 consecutive draws) the total jacpot will be divided betweeen people who have five or six of the main numbers matched up plus the bonus number.

A few National Lottery tips:

1. Choose your numbers - the best way is randomly.
2. Buy a ticket - this is the only way you might have a chance of winning
. 3. You can purchase a ticket via the National Lottery website or through selected stores. You can also play in a syndicate, via Sky Active or your mobile, with multiple tickets or with a subscription (so you'll never forget a ticket for a draw).
4. Check the results. Many people have failedto check their tickets against the numbers drawn to see if they are winners and subsequently large prizes have gone unclaimed. Check online via the National Lottery website, by watching the live draw on tv or checking selected newspapers.
5. Always play responsibly. If you think you have a gambling problem you can check out more information about this on the National Lottery website. The National Lottery wants to ensure all those who can play can but it does not negatively impact the lives of those on low incomes, the vulnerable of players under the age of 16. You cannot play if you are aged 16 and under.
6. Look out for email scams that request money or personal details - this will be a sham. More information can be found on the National Lottery website.

Did you know that the National Lottery is one of the most technologically superior and safe lottery gaming system on the globe? Their speedy and highly effective computer system can produce a transaction in 5 seconds, that 200,000 a minute.

If you have won anything from a humble cash prize to the jackpot you can be contented in the to know that community groups and the needed have benefitted from your purchase. You can read information about some of the 250,000 lottery grants that the National Lottery has awarded on its website.

Lottery funds and lottery grants are valuable and impactful way for good causes in the community to achieve their objectives. You can play to win millions and others will be helped when you play.